All Aboard Alliance insights 2024

Diversity, equity, and inclusionTalentTransparency

As we gear up for another exciting period for the All Aboard Alliance and the maritime industry, it’s clear that diversity, equity, and inclusion are more vital than ever. With our industry being a melting pot of people and cultures, reflecting the interconnectedness of the world and the exchange of goods and ideas across our global landscape, ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion is key to remaining resilient and attractive.

Furthermore, we’ve witnessed the tangible advantages that stem from a diverse workforce. By embracing a dynamic blend of perspectives, skills, and experiences, we pave the way for innovative thinking, initiatives, and improved business results.

We are honoured to present this second edition of the All Aboard Alliance Insights. This report marks a significant milestone in our collective journey toward fostering a maritime industry that thrives on the principles of inclusion and equality for all.

Building upon the foundations laid by our inaugural report, this year’s edition delves deeper into what companies are doing across the five All Aboard Principles and what we, as an Alliance and as an industry, can do to further progress. It also celebrates the strides made by pioneering companies who have embarked on the transformative journey towards a more inclusive and equitable maritime sector for all.

We are grateful to the 29 member companies of the All Aboard Alliance who have contributed with their invaluable experiences to this report. Their commitment to establishing transparency and collaboration has been instrumental in shaping the insights presented within these pages by the Diversity Study Group and the Global Maritime Forum.

As we look to the challenges and opportunities ahead, we remain committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We look forward to us drawing motivation from the successes highlighted in this report to collectively advance our efforts in building a maritime industry that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive—a goal we can all be proud of.